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I saw these seaweeds, as I named them, in my dreaming. I was in a substance that was like water, but soft and smooth. There were no sounds except some muted rustling with echo. These mushrooms started to grow up from nowhere. They were slightly twisting. They shined out with white luminescence that looked like a fog. Everything around was in this bluish fog interspersed with yellow fog. I felt that these seaweeds and me were moving in the same rhythm. Suddenly, they started to talk with me without using mouths (actually, the seaweed had something like clenched mouth). They said that they were souls of dead people, and they would like me to hear them because I came to their world. I felt that my own form had been changed to something incredible. I felt that I became the seaweed. It was very amazing and inexpressible. Ive seen these creatures only once. Anna, Kiev Practice group, Ukraine

A frozen plant with an intact butterfly inside. Lidia Ch., Moscow

The Spiral of Blue Spheres. The feelings in this dream were very strong and unusual. It seemed that I was one of these spheres, and we were circling into the shining spiral. Adjustment with the Universe, power - these words would be the best description of my feelings. Lidia Ch., Tensegrity Group, Moscow

These items are from the second attention. I never made ceramic works before. It is my first attempt. A person who is a professional in ceramics said that they look very mature and have a personal style. Anna Sh., Greece

In my dreams creatures and objects appear just as energetic contours, but I am able to recognize them always. This picture shows mouse, snake and dog from my dreaming. Alexander S., St. Petersburg, Russia

Creatures from walls. Alexey P., Moscow

The World of Saturated Land. Alexey P., Moscow

Parasite of awareness. Alexey P., Moscow


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