Seeing of Energy in the First Attention 

Tree-Jungle. Julia K., Moscow

Islands. Julia K., Moscow

Between them. Julia K. Moscow

Scents and Herbs. Julia K. Moscow

The Son. Julia K. Moscow

A lake under snow. This is a magical place in the forest near Moscow, I see its energy in this way. Lissa A. Moscow

One late evening we went to a park. We were walking so quickly that we could not focus our eyes and it seemed that complete darkness surrounded us. But from time to time I saw some white glow moving around trees. I called it "rhombus", although it was more like a quadrangle. It appeared near the ground, flew up and within 2-3 seconds, that I saw it, changed it size. I focused my eyes on it and it dissolved, bursing to thousands of small disappearing spots. Victor, Cherson oblast, Ukraine

Female energetic configuration. Sasha Spirit. Tensegrity group, Moscow

Once I was going to a shop to buy some bread, possibly it was about 6pm, it was a dark street with small private one-storey houses. I saw lots of bright lights of a city in front of me, and was dazzled by them, like when you look to the sun. Glimpsing into the darkness over private houses I saw two shadows, huge, moving, like two dinosaurs walking. About ten seconds I could see them, they were oval, semi-transparent, darker than surrounding darkness, with grey border, and they were steadily moving, simultaneously. Of course I could have an optical illusion but from recenly I do not believe in them... Victor, Cherson oblast, Ukraine


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