Inorganic Beings 

This has happened in February and March 1994. I was in very unstable physical and emotional condition for several weeks. Actually I was in personal crisis and constantly felt self-pityness. Every evening before going to bed I saw this fat black leech, that was standing on its tale near my bed. It was very dark, and I felt disgust and fear. I saw it both with and without light. The only way to get rid of it was to fall asleep as soon as possible. At that time I thought that it is my death waiting for me. But recently during recapitulation I became aware that this was a flyer. Irina P., Kazan, Russia

It happened in February 1995. My friend and I were returning from the Blue Lake, where we were swimming in a winter, that was a bit extreme. We were walking through the forest in a twilight, and my perception was changed as a result of this swimming. When we got into a bus and I looked at my friend and noticed a black spider above her head. It was pulsating and I felt extremely disgusted. But I didnt have fear. I was surprised that two thick tentacles were glued to temporal areas and two more tentacles were glued just under cheek-bones. Other tentacles were laying around her. At that time I thought it was linked to a death of her father. But recently during recapitulation I became aware that this was a flyer. Irina P., Kazan, Russia

It was in the spring of 1992. I was sitting in a car and waiting for a driver. I was nodding in the sunlight. Then I opened my eyes and saw rushing black shadows through the front window of the car. They were black and flat, they moved around very-very fast. I had very unpleasant feeling observing them. They were just swarming above the domes of a church. I thought it was a sorrow of people who came to the church. But recently during recapitulation I became aware that this was a flock of the flyers. Irina P., Kazan, Russia

Parasite of awareness. Alexey P., Moscow

Creatures from the walls. Alexey P., Moscow

I saw these seaweeds, as I named them, in my dreaming. I was in a substance that was like water, but soft and smooth. There were no sounds except some muted rustling with echo. These mushrooms started to grow up from nowhere. They were slightly twisting. They shined out with white luminescence that looked like a fog. Everything around was in this bluish fog interspersed with yellow fog. I felt that these seaweeds and me were moving in the same rhythm. Suddenly, they started to talk with me without using mouths (actually, the seaweed had something like clenched mouth). They said that they were souls of dead people, and they would like me to hear them because I came to their world. I felt that my own form had been changed to something incredible. I felt that I became the seaweed. It was very amazing and inexpressible. Ive seen these creatures only once. Anna, Kiev Practice group, Ukraine

My story is about a flyer. My friend and I had a tense argument. We were in a small room about 40 square feet. We were sitting in chairs in front of each other. The more we were arguing, the worse we felt. Then I felt something oppressing in my body. We felt it simultaneously. We stopped talking and saw something huge and formless lying between us. It was about 8 meter long, its height was up to the level of keyboard of piano that was in the room. It was greenish grey. And I saw myself from the third point. There were two of me. This picture was observed by another me with renunciation, without emotions and thoughts. This another me knew clearly that that was a flyer eating my energy. This lasted for about three minutes. Then we discussed what we saw with my friend, and it appeared that he saw the same. Angela P., St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dragonlet. This happened in my country-house in the summer. I was alone there with my cats. It was early morning when I woke up suddenly. It was still semi-darkness, and birds were silent. I sat in my bed and saw this transparent dragonlet. It was flying in a couple of feet from me. Its tail was outside of the closed window. The dragonlet was staring at me. And I stared at it too. I had no thoughts, just a very slight fear. The dragonlet moved to me. I understood that it could gulp me, if I will continue to be afraid. I got rid of all my emotions and kept looking at the dragonlet. I shook my head trying to remove this vision; the dragonlet was quite nice and I liked it, but I became tired to sit and look at it. This lasted for about ten minutes, and then it went away. I went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning I had no memories about this dragonlet, and just in the afternoon I have remembered it. After analyzing this story, I came to a conclusion that what has happened was real. It was not a flyer, it was something different, but I dont know what was it. Angela P., St. Petersburg, Russia

Creatures connected with the Moon, they have funnels in their eyes. You can meet them anywhere, they can be recognized by their eyes, they are hostile, and you are frightened when you look into their eyes. Polina, St. Petersburg, Russia


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