Castaneda''s Books 

Много лик последнего нагваля. AZTECA CASTANEDA. Гватемала

Shaman Owl. Azteca Castaneda, Guatemala

Shaman Wolf. I want to include a woman here as well, as I think female energy is more powerful and the woman has the energy for great achievements. Azteca Castaneda, Guatemala

Shaman Crow. Azteca Castaneda, Guatemala

Shaman Eagle. Azteca Castaneda, Guatemala

Metamorphosis of Nagual Balam. Shaman Balam means a warrior, who has reached the maximum potential of his energy that allows him to transform into another form of life. He is a tiger here. Balam can become anyone he wants, but his best transformation is that allows him to involve all his energy and to travel into the infinity as a ray of light, to disappear from this world into unimaginable worlds. Azteca Castaneda, Guatemala

"Tecolote""I don''t remember what prompted don Genaro to tell me about the arrangement of the "other world," as he called it. He said that a master sorcerer was an eagle, or rather that he could make himself into an eagle. On the other hand, an evil sorcerer was a "tecolote," an owl. Don Genaro said that an evil sorcerer was a child of the night and for such a man the most useful animals were the mountain lion or other wild cats, or the night birds, especially the owl. He said that the "brujos liricos," lyric sorcerers, meaning the dilettante sorcerers, preferred other animals - a crow, for example". Alexei P., Moscow, Russia

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